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48 definitions by flyingdog

locals' term for the Cape Cod town of Provincetown, a resort community with a large gay population, both residents and visitors.
I spent the long weekend on the Cape at Boyanusport, and was that big fun!
by flyingdog February 27, 2008
painful irritation of the rectal cavity due to vigorous buttsex, not uncommon among gay men
Whoa! Ian and I had a wild night of fucking, but it left me with a major case of homorrhoids.
by flyingdog March 31, 2008
Gay men's shorthand for a sex orgy
That party last night degenerated into a total swapmeat.
by flyingdog February 23, 2008
the tiny ceramic remnants that result from making the center hole in glass bead-making
Kathy was working all weekend on some new necklace creations and made a big pile of bead poop in the process. Looks like glitter.
by flyingdog April 25, 2008
photographic image of buff men, a la Abercrombie+Fitch
Did you get the A+F catalog? It's a total pectograph, yumm!
by flyingdog February 23, 2008
A guy you bring with you to bars to help you find someone for hooking up.
Hey Trevor, it's Friday night and I'm way horny. You wanna be my seeing-eye horndog, bud?
by flyingdog April 06, 2008
a guy with a really big dick
Man, Tyler's dick is huge. It's like he's some kind of freak sascrotch.
by flyingdog January 25, 2008