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48 definitions by flyingdog

urinating with great volume, producing a considerable splash and sound.
Did you hear the one in the stall next to me...Girl, she was flat-rocking like you would not believe! I said, "Whoa, trigger, give someone else a chance here."
by flyingdog January 20, 2008
That wild, frenetic coupling that results in crashing off the bed, knocking over lamps, breaking apart furniture, and smashing into walls before collapsing in a sweaty, quivering heap.
What the hell happened to this room, dude? Oh, Kelly was over all night and, man, we had hours of rabid badger sex. It was beyond awesome!
by flyingdog March 19, 2008
A term of endearment for a world-class butt in snug-fitting apparrel.
Look at the hoochichacha on that waiter; boy does he look good walking away!
by flyingdog January 22, 2008
A fancy name for the process of getting righteously (and discretely)plastered. Frequently used by those with inflated perceptions of themselves.
Did you see them pull ...(name of mindless celebrity, pompous senator, or sanctimonius pundit HERE) out of the Tidal Basin. He and his "friend" were definitely in an advanced state of imbibification.
by flyingdog January 22, 2008
imagined sounds from a known or unknown source. synonym is hearlucinations, which can also be a homonym if pronounced with the Spanish silent "h".
"Ethel, did you say something to me?" "No Earl, you're just having another one of your earlucinations, go back to your game show".
by flyingdog February 02, 2008
condensation that forms on the outside of a bong when ice is placed inside.
Damnit, man. I spilled bongwater all over the carpet when the fucking thing slipped out of my hands. Bongsweat, man, bummer.
by flyingdog April 24, 2008
imagined sound from a known or unknown source, synonym is earlucination
Billy thought he heard his girlfriend calling him, but it was just a hearlucination.
by flyingdog February 02, 2008