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A gathering of male friends and acquaintances for the sole purpose of listening to Rock-and-Roll music, pounding beers and Tequila shots, consuming wings and bratwursts, swapping music, smoking stogies, telling farting, fishing and any humorous stories.


Host: Person who will host the event and is required to provide an appropriate level of stereo equipment, older vintage gear with CD/MP3 inputs is most desirable. The Host defines acceptable music and attire at the event. I.e., participants should remove shoes before entering; this is known as the "Dawn Rule", invocating "The House of Slippers" designation for said location.

Penalty Flag: This happens when music violations occur. Acceptable music is defined by the Host or by a majority of the group; the Host has absolute veto power.

Penalty Shot: Offenders of the music violations are required to have one shot of quality Tequila per incident. Additional Penalty Shots can be levied, compound infractions can and will occur.


Each person will take orderly turns playing a single song and is responsible for knowing when it's their turn; ensuring that the previous songs are ended appropriately. Ending songs prematurely, music over-runs, miscued selections and lateness will result in a Penalty Shot.

It is customary to end with a meaningful song; a selection from Ted Nugent is preferred.
Hey Jeff, why don't you host a Stereo Night next Tuesday after work. I picked up some great tunes and stogies the other day, you've got to check them out!
by flyfish March 03, 2010
Computer source code that is developed, written, modified or debugged by any Indian programmer, usually of inferior quality.

Hodgie code is typically unreadable, contains many poorly formed comments (just in case you have to work on it), is full of bugs, has an enormously complex CLI interface, if GUI based is unusable for English speaking individuals, causes frequent outages and is just really crappy and poorly written code.
End user one: Hey did you install the new feature software pack for TPS 1.1 Report Writer?

End user two: Yep, my system blue-screened, when it finally stabilized I couldn't figure out the CLI or GUI to get it to function, what a bunch of Hodgie Code!
by flyfish March 24, 2010
Insane state of mind and lack of critical thinking or reasoning on issues surrounding Sen. Barack Obama's bid for the 2008 White House; usually used in reference towards his supporters.
After listening to Sen. Barack Obama's speech, I couldn't help but think that everyone had lost their minds and had come down with Obama Derangement Syndrome.
by flyfish February 27, 2008

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