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An individual that is addicted to the game Farmville on Facebook.
"Dude, I have to go home and water my corn."
"You have corn!? How can you have a farm in your one bedroom apartment?"
"Not a real farm. This is way more important. It's my virtual farm on Farmville."
"That stupid fad game on Facebook?"
"It's not stupid! Man, I have to go or my entire crop will die."
"Dude, that would make you a Farmvillaholic. Drink beer man! Get a normal addiction!"
by fluncenterin October 30, 2009
an individual that is highly skilled in physically pleasuring women.
origin/derivation: an alteration of Terminator.
Situation 1: Casual conversation between two girls
"So I was with my boyfriend last night..."
"You mean ________?"
"Yes, we did it for the first time and let me tell you... I've never had a time like that before. I've never had so many orgasms. I was all dry and the sheets were soaked."
"Well, then he's an Orgasmator."
Situation 2: Pick-up line
"You look like the girl I'm looking for. I am a sophisticated sex robot sent back in time to bring ultimate pleasure to a few lucky women. I am the Orgasmator. Prepare to be pleasured beyond sanity."
by fluncenterin September 10, 2009
an individual with numerous tattoos and can also be characterized as talking vehemently about their tattoos with pride, and discussing their future plans of getting another and why.
The number of tattoos required to be called an inkaholic are inconclusive and vary depending on the area.
Man at tattoo parlor says to tattoo artist, "Dude that girls is an inkaholic. She comes in here nearly every week to get a new tat."
"Shut up man, that bitch is putting my kid through college with her addiction. We need more freaks like her in here."
by fluncenterin September 12, 2009
a negative term, or insult, used for a male that is a gluttonous slut, or promiscuous.
Origin: a mixture of the words "male" or "man," "slut," and "glutton"
"You know there really isn't a negative term for a promiscuous male. Girls have slut, but we have player, which isn't really negative."
"How about mlut, a man-slut?"
"How about mlutton, a man-slut-glutton?"
"Awesome! I'm so putting that up on urbandictionary."
by fluncenterin November 21, 2009
a word used as an insult, ussually against a male who is acting rude or causes particular disgust to the insult thrower.

origin of parts: smurf - n. a blue skinned fairy creature of small stature and without wings. v. to make someone or something blue and small
A man calls another man an jerk. The second man retorts to the first man, who is shorter and wearing blue, "Well, you're a stupid mothersmurfer!"
by fluncenterin September 10, 2009
n. a devout republican.

origin: a derivation of the Harry Potter term of mudblood and meant as an insult.
Spoken in a sneering British accent, "How dare you speak to me, you filthy little assblood?"
by fluncenterin September 12, 2009
n. an individual characterized as being a strong democrat.
"Sarah Palin is so devout a democrat that when you cut her, elephants drop out."
"So that makes her an elephant bleeder?!"
by fluncenterin September 12, 2009

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