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Forum Administrator of Atlus.com.

Enforces a hypocritical, oppressive clique based atmosphere in which the user agreement rules are enforced strictly based on his own whims and personal bias of each member. Allows constant flame wars and off topic thread derailment.
Banning and rule enforcement only to those personally disliked.

Shameless lack of professionalism and hypocrisy bolstered by blatant, situational lying.

Obnoxiously enforces rule breaking done by popular members, selectively choosing who has the right to defend themselves or criticize.

Cares more about enforcing status quo and garnering the respect of the high post counters than enforcing rules and doing his job.
Inzaghi told one member he doesn't censor members. Then told him to stop posting in a thread due to the member's criticism of the moderation (or lack there of) Other members continued to berate and flame with no consequence while contradicting themselves by telling those offended to "ignore" (Something they themselves refuse to do)
by FlowersInMidgar2 March 04, 2008
"The whole point of SomethingAwful is to make jokes only (self-hating) nerds find funny and to pick on internet sub-cultures even more pathetic than them. SA readers feel threatened by fucking loving furries and juggalos, as they are all members of these subcultures themselves and fear exposure for the human detritus that they are."
- Encyclopedia Dramatica
The whole point of SomethingAwful and Encyclopedia Dramatica is to make jokes only (self-hating) nerds find funny and to pick on internet sub-cultures even more pathetic than them. SA readers feel threatened by fucking loving furries and juggalos, as they are all members of these subcultures themselves and fear exposure for the human detritus that they are

<irony fixed>
by FlowersInMidgar2 June 12, 2008
The whopping two total forum moderators on Nexon America's horrid message boards.

There are bad forum mods. Then, there are Nexon forum mods. (followed by Gamefaqs as the worst)

Tibaroo and -Hime- may actually go down in history, as THE least interested, apathetic and impotent moderators in internet history.

First thing, the two mods rarely communicate. When they DO line up enough functioning brain cells to type, it is most likely Korean, fed through a colander, translated by a blind Indonesian boy, onto an Etch A Sketch, which is then hurled into the back of their heads.

That means no help, no news or updates for weeks and months at a time. No aid for people having issues.

Despite being an American website for American games/gamers, both the users and the mods average 1:20 for native English speaking users, to 14 year old Pinoy jackholes and emaciated, 1337 Chinese/Korean kids destined to die playing Maple Story.

If you can imagine an Azn Helen Keller, coupled with a retarded, hatted, wheat chewing mule, kept entranced by a carefully placed carrot hanging over his PC monitor. You have a fairly decent idea of what the staff situation over at the ominous, black, smoke stack laden, light absorbing fortress that houses Nexon America.com
-is like.

The only time these two speak it's, at best, to post PR rhetoric and at worst, to present out and out lies, about how much Nexon gives a lucky green shit about you and, how much they would never thinking of shoving a red hot pike in your whale eye, just for slappies.

Second, they removed the edit button. This was due to a flaw in the system, that allowed users to reopen closed threads. Instead of fixing the issue, like human beings occasionally do, they simply removed the option of editing. Thus, the place looks like an unprofessional mess pretty much all the time.

Third, these lazy pricks do very little during the week and, somehow, manage to find excuse to not do anything all weekend.

This leads to the concept of "weekend trolls". People who spam the boards all day, with porn and other "4chan quality" (i.e. crap that even retards won't touch) garbage without reprecussion.

Fourth, these two are so inept and lazy and, Nexon America is so insanely cheap, that they actually had applications to allow certain users to become impromptu mods with limited powers. Rather than hiring more help, they'd have the users do it.

I'd have a joke about how idiotic it is to try and find such a responsible individual in Nexon's fanbase, but I'm not that fuckin' funny.

Nexon.com's boards are a troll's paradise. The staff clearly don't care. Like Blizzard, the moderators are unprofessional and elevate incompetence to heights Superman would second guess, on attempt.
Tibaroo and -Hime- are like shit and puke.

Trying to figure out which one stinks more, just leads to a big, smelly mess.
by FlowersInMidgar2 August 17, 2009
The most common, if not the only message you will see when linking to Microsoft's "solution pages" after using the error reportingfeature

Example: When my PC couldn't play music due to a "missing audio device error" I linked to this message screen.
So I went looking on message boards for similar issue and found one. The person posted about how Microsoft had nothing.
That forum entry was posted two YEARS before.
Me: Oh cool! I can just link to Microsoft's solution page! How convenient....

This problem was caused by Windows. This program was created by Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft Corporation does not currently have a solution for the problem that you reported.

Me: You've got to be kidding. Oh Cool! Windows has a built-in help program....
by flowersinmidgar2 January 12, 2008
World of Warcraft guild.
A raiding guild on the Cho'Gall server.

A group of self-loathing, elitist, misogynist asshats.

Are infamous for a distinct and utterly pathetic "no girls" policy.
Believe women (or "girls" to them) are icky and, produce drama to such a degree that barring them from their premiere boys club guild will stymie the drama that pockmarks 99.9% of all guilds, in all games everywhere.

As anyone can predict by such a policy, members are cowardly, arrogant, dimwitted and very angry. Responses on the boards are usually unguilded alts screaming one or two lines of trolling drivel.

The sad thing is, such a policy is a blindingly obvious sign, that members are lonely, easily excited, virginal nerds who are so pathetically weak of will and inexperienced with women, that they can't even keep their shit straight when in the same Ventrillo server as a female player, who would never fuck them anyway.

Any problems with drama can be solved by recruiting adults.

But the whole Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch Army of Azeroth mentality works too I guess.

WoW players are already stigmatized as losers. These clowns are keeping that misconception alive.
Vagina crits Vanquish of Cho'Gall for 10 damage (99999 overkill)
by FlowersInMidgar2 May 06, 2009
Pigheaded, ignorant sheep-minded fools who refuse to admit that games have improved in the decade since Final Fantasy VII was released. Worship an overhyped video game because it is fashionable to do so. Also tend to target Final Fantasy VI and VIII as the popularity driven trend of hate.

Any attempt to improve or advance the stale, trite formula of: "Stand in a line, pick fight/magic/Item from a menu and wait.
-Or, moving past interface/designs that only existed due to hardware limitations-
are met with fear, irrational rage, insults and a refusal to accept change or improvement.

Immune to logic, common sense, counter arguments or objective, even handed thought.
Final Fantasy VII fankids want Final Fantasy VII over and over with graphical improvements only. They are also arrogant enough to define the entire series by superficial means like "being turn-based".
Nothing will ever be good enough because they don't want it to be and don't care how ignorant and stupid they look.
by FlowersInMidgar2 June 09, 2008
Game slang used by the more obnoxious, sheep-like players of the MMORPG: World of Warcraft, to describe people who aren't good at World of Warcraft.
(or who are good at it, but aren't cared for by the fuck sticks who find this kinda shit cool)

Alternative is "Terribad". Born from a mindblowing supernova of creativity and wit, combining the words "terrible" and "bad" to form a word so socially impaired and embarrassing, that it borders on self parody.

Used by the biggest losers, kids, forum trolls and mouth breathers of the WoW community, possibly to differentiate themselves from any intelligent players instinctively, to attract the only people capable of tolerating such idiots. Other Assholes.

If someone calls you a bad, it's not because you're actually bad at the game. It just means you pissed off a childless, witless, retarded jackhole who plays WoW.
"lol ur mad ur a bad olololol"

- Actual statement by a real WoW player, a grown man.

Bad (Noun)
by FlowersInMidgar2 March 11, 2009

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