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meaning: its the same as saying "who's good?" or any variation. can be said about almost anything... can also be a comeback when you cant think of anything- much better than that "yo mama" shit
dude: *hits a homerun* "who loves the chocolate?"
person: i did your girlfriend
person 2: who loves the chocolate?
guy: oh hey whats up?
another guy: who loves the chocolate?
man: hey can i borrow a 20?
man 2: who loves the chocolate?
man: uhh.... is that a yes or a no?
man: come on, can i or not?
man 2: yeah sure.....
by flowerchildgreen June 04, 2005
Simply put, Cutties are scissors.
"Excuse me, kind sir, but would you mind loaning cutties to a dear friend in need?" - civilized, educated, non-hick
"What in tarnation are cutties??" - stupid hick
"They're scissors you dumb fuck!!" - most definitely CIVILIZED, educated, non-hick
by flowerchildgreen May 03, 2005
good luck; do well
usually said in sports, but it can be said in general too
As he was walking up to the base, we all yelled "Tweet!" at different times for good luck.

"Are you performing in the play?" "Yes I am." "Well, I hope everything goes well. Tweet!"
by flowerchildgreen April 29, 2005

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