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Often a quiet, antisocial, passionate and induvidualistic girl. Strong sense of character and morals, attracted to the arts, such as dance and drama, and is very open minded. Tendancy to appear odd or angry as to only attract people who really care to know her. Appearance: very likely the most beautiful creature on earth. A warning to those who fall in love with her- studies have yet to see anyone get over Krissinitis.
"With out Krissy I am a flower with out the sun; an endless night, only to see her in my dreams, I am a wilted flower on a lone mountain that is my love."
by flower with no sun July 07, 2009
An intense version of love-sickness: To be madly in love, or heavily infatuated with girl by the name of Kristina or Krissy. Symptoms often include shallow breathing, lightness of head, inability to think of thing other than Kristina and/or romantic fantasies with this person. Cures are unheard of at this point in time.
"I love Kristina like nothing I have ever felt before... I can't stop thinking about her! There seems to be no cure for Krissinitis (but I don't really want there to be.)
by flower with no sun July 07, 2009
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