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When someone builds their self esteem from self help books.
My coworker just added Dr. Phil to her shelf esteem library, now everyday at lunch its Dr. P said this Dr. P said that.
#self esteem #self image #self helpless #self helpful #annoying
by floorfly November 12, 2010
When a couple gets married for health insurance and not love.
They are divorced already? Yeah, she got health insurance at her new job so she canceled her shotgun insurance.
#health insurance #shotgun wedding #oath #vow #marriage
by floorfly November 12, 2010
Phrase used after one inadvertently says something that sounds like a natural or homeopathic cure, without intending to be aggressively granola.
Try oscillo for the flu, no homeo.
#no homo #homeopathic #homeo #homeo-pathetic #medicine
by FloorFly November 10, 2010
Unemployed or when living beyond ones means catches up with oneself.
Qdoba catered their wedding, they are salary challenged.
#salary #wealth #money #unemployed #minimum wage
by floorfly November 12, 2010
1. A born again birth control user who excessively claims to be using natural birth control method; and gives TMI about her cycle, her sex life, and her religious beliefs.

2. The natural methodist method is based on a trinity of ideas overshadowed by one all encompassing truth. Firstly, that women ovulate 14 days before menstruation begins, give or take two days. Secondly, that sperm can survive inside a woman for three days. That an egg can only be fertilized within 24 hours of being released from the ovaries.
And lastly, that anyone at work gives a shit.
She's a total Natural Methodist; she would have never made it through high school or technical school if she really was using the the rhythm method. I can't eat hard boiled eggs anymore since she told me when she ovulates.
#birth control #rhythm method #abstinence #natural method #born again #butterfaith #virginity
by floorfly November 18, 2010
When someone has so many kids they can't support a fun
lifestyle for themselves.
Joe never gets a latte on coffee runs or goes to happy hour; he has fun infertility, he's got to pay child support on all 5 of those kids.
#poverty #disposable wealth deficiency #salary challenged #child support #fertile
by floorfly November 12, 2010
A coworker who tallies up how much money you spend on lattes and lunch, then makes the assumption you must make 10k more than them. When in reality your disposable income is in direct correlation to how many dependents you have not or lack of lexus sized car payment.
Wow, you are drinking another latter... that's the fifth one this week. I am saving up for my kids braces. I wish I could have a latte everyday. "I guess you are my accountability co-worker... You are right I should stop drinking lattes, going out to lunch and taking birth control so I can live your dream lifestyle of fun infertility."
#latte land #latte #co-worker #accountant #accountability #fun infertility
by floorfly November 12, 2010
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