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Never willing to do nothing....act like a fuckin bitch
My aunt karen is so stuck up her daugter (sid) take after her I hate them bitches
by floetry June 16, 2003
Here are a few good examples of good rap with thoughtful lyrics and concious rhythms and beats.

Solo :

Eazy E
Jeru The Damaja
Ghostface Killah
Boogie Down Productions

Groups :

Bone Thugs N Harmony
Eric B. And Rakim
Freestyle Fellowship
Souls Of Mischief
Wu Tang Clan
Company Flow
These are just a handful of good rap artistes.There are more out there.And please stop mentioning Gangstarr.The only reason they are popular is because of DJ Premier.Face it.Thats reality for you people.Peace i'm out.
by Floetry April 28, 2005
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