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(verb): to have sex before marriage
Most religions say that women should not play house.
by Flora February 25, 2004
The female version of the mullet. Commonly paired with cancer spotted skin, way too much blue eyeshadow, Hooter's shirts, and farm equipment.
That trashy lady's femullet looks like she got hit with her husband's sheepshearing blade.
by Flora April 23, 2003
A heart attacked caused by high body-fat content, specifically obtained by frivolously eating too much fast food.
Mama Cass died from a McHeart Attack
by Flora January 14, 2004
1. a whore or slut
2. a druggied girl
3. a female who has sex with multiple guys while doing drugs
4. a biatch
1/2/3/and 4: i did this guy while doing drugs and being a biatch
by floRa November 05, 2004
A gay uncle or your gay uncle's lover (whichever one is more feminine gets the title).
My uncle and auntle live in Chicago.
by Flora January 08, 2004
How you write the Prince symbol on the computer.
I went to the o)+> concert.
by Flora September 27, 2004
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