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When you're looking for something to major in.... Um... agriculture is a wide open field..... LITERALLY!
Agriculture.... a wide open field
by flipswirl July 02, 2007
Rancho Cucamonga is not poor. But it is sure as hell not Newport Beach. I've actually heard someone from Rancho say that it was as expensive to live in Rancho as it is to live in Newport. Rancho is in the desert, it is not on the ocean, so most parts of OC are WAY more expensive, even most of Santa Ana. Income statistics back up my opinion, Rancho is middle to upper middle class, sure as hell not Newport Coast, Palos Verdes, La Jolla, Rancho Santa Fe or Coto de Caza....even if the people there like to pretend they are REALLY rich.
Rancho Cucamonga not Rancho Santa Fe
by flipswirl August 31, 2006
Former governor of Massachusetts. Moderate Republican.... has had to move himself over to the rightin an attempt to get the Republican nomination for President. Smart, good looking, and potentially a dangerous candidate, but Bush has probably doomed any chance the GOP could keep the white house..... unless the Democrats run OJ Simpson or Saddam's corpse..... which wouldn't really be that shocking since they ran John Kerry and Al Gore.
It's one article a day about Mitt Romney now. Is America ready for a Mormon President? Is America ready for a Mormon President? Pretty soon.... it'll be an article a second.
by flipswirl January 12, 2007

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