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The best made sports car in America, possibly the world. Corvettes are renowned for their awesome looks, great performance, and amazing chickmagnet properties. Faggots that think their rice burner imports can own a Vette need to go back to riceland and die from SARS. Other people who say Corvettes aren't good are usually found starring on shows like "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" and movies like "Brokeback Mountain"
Corvette owners realize the advantage of a relatively low priced car that can compete with much more expensive Italian exotics. Corvette Z06's own the competition, everyone else is just wasting moeny and begging to be owned by American Muscle.
Girl 1:WOW that guy has a Corvette Z06. Let's go fuck his eyeballs out.
Girls 2,3,4 &5: OK!
Girl 6:I'll bring my twin sister.
Othercar Owner: Damn I wish I a Corvette instead of this cuntbucket foreign piece of shit.
by flippin filipino February 16, 2006
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