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(n) : A person (commonly an athlete) with physical ability that cannot be gained through training. Those who are physical specimens break the mold for most athletes because they do exceptionally well under physically stressful or challenging situations and/or have more potential than others to be a world-class phenomenon in sports or on the battlefield.
Out of all of us, David is the fastest, strongest, and has the most endurance on the football team. He's a physical specimen.
by fleetfeet93 July 14, 2011
(n): A male sibling. Also one of the biggest contradictions ever, in human form. Brothers will often make you want to beat them, maim them, throw them out the window our spray water on their pants. But they will often at times make you want to hug, praise, admire, or even kiss them. You may want to even do all of these things at one time, depending on the situation. In rare cases, you might even say to him, 'I love you'. But that's very, VERY, rare. Even if it turns out that your brother is a narcissistic, lazy, idiotic punk, he will be there for you when he knows you need help, advice, or just a person to talk to. And though you may not admit it now, or ever, when he needs you, you will do the same. After all, he's stuck with you until either of you die.
Person: Hey, can I ask you a favor?

Person's Brother: Nope.

Person: Douchebag.
by fleetfeet93 August 19, 2011

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