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when a guy is thrusted into a someone's boobs with so much intensity it is possible to bite it unintentionally.
"Bob totally pulled a Gerrit on Kenzie today!"

Guy walks in crying
Friend "Whats the matter?"
Guy "i was just pulling a Gerrit on Lared. i didn't mean to"
Friend "oh my gawd, im so sorry man!"
Guy " i know, man. i know."
#gerrit #kenzie #lared #boobs #teeth #bite #traumatic #icky
by flats117 December 07, 2009
when a male, in a naked state, swing hips back and forth or up and down to make his dick hit his thighs and make a slapping sound.
guy: *slap slap slap*
other guy: man are you slappin da mpha, again?
guy: *slap slap slap*
other guy: shut up!
#slapping the mpha #slappin the mpha #slappin the mhpa #slap the mpha #slapped the mpha #slappin #slapping #mpha #slap
by flats117 December 13, 2009
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