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A woman with a thin, tight body and (usually) blonde hair who looks young and attractive from behind, but the fact that she is a wrinkly, fifty year old smoker becomes painfully apparent when she is viewed from the front. Witnessing such a sight often robs men of their erections and/or souls.
I saw a Wraith at Walmart today. Now I have irreversible erectile dysfunction.
by flashadams November 23, 2010
Another word for roadkill. Gets its name from a Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas mission "Fender Ketchup" in which the player must scare a mobster that is tied to the hood of their car.
"That deer became fender ketchup".
by flashadams November 12, 2006
An idiom for pessimism. In other words, the opposite of rose-tinted glasses.
Seeing as everyone sucks to much to give pessimism an idiom, the maker of the definition invented crap-tinted glasses.
by flashadams May 23, 2010
A spiffy way to describe the act of ceasing to live. The verb form is "corpsified".
"Corpsification can be either calm or violent."

"That man punched a tiger in the nose. Needless to say, it corpsified him."
by flashadams March 24, 2010
One who is engages in passimism. Passimists hate on things from the past regardless of the subject's actual quality. Someone who is a passimist may also be referred to as "passimistic".
I'm a passimist and therefore I must say that hair metal sucked, regardless of all the evidence to the contrary.
by flashadams May 23, 2010
To initiate the process of corpsification; to kill something.
"Hippies never corpsify things."

"Right-wing nutcases love to corpsify baby seals with bats."
by flashadams March 24, 2010
The act of being surfing Facebook when napping. It's often done in bed on a cell phone, but also may be done with other mobile devices in another nap-friendly location, such as on a couch. Sometimes accompanied by a status update, regarding the fact that the napping party is also on Facebook.
I am napping while on Facebook. I'm napbooking.
by flashadams May 23, 2010
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