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use the leftover diarrhea chunks from Alabama Iced Tea and mix them into a glass of boiling water.
"here's that hot chocolate you asked for. sorry about that alabama iced tea i just gave you"
"thanks.... is this an alabama hot chocolate! How does anybody have that much diarrhea!"
by fl1pzomg July 29, 2008
When a guy puts cheese in a can on his dick and puts in the girls ass. This is usually done very very hard and very very fast.
Dude i gave this girl a cheese deluxe right between her buns!!!
by fl1pzomg August 01, 2006
Alabama iced tea is filtered diarrhea (to remove the chunks to later be used as Alabama Hot Chocolate) served in a glass with ice. Urine is added when asked for lemon iced tea.
"Here's that iced tea you asked for."
"Thanks... hey is this an Alabama Iced tea? It smells like diarrhea!"
by Fl1pzomg July 28, 2008

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