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Four years of college without the "college experience". Diversity and sense of humor, zero. Lots of girls though. Unfortunately, the odds are good but the goods are odd. These poor moles live in the library and are burly, ill kept, and generally like horses better than men. Those that are half decent pay for friends and social lives in the tragic greek system where the guys have access to these girls because they also pay to join the polo army. The teachers care enough to keep their grading curves even, and thanks to the huge nerd factor that really impedes the social lives of those who frequent the schools three delis "crappy restaurants by day" "crappy bars by night". If you say hi to a mole"ish" stranger on the way to class, theyre likely to glare you down or cry rape because they are smart and a huge wuss and arent willing to take that "chance" that you're a predator.
Take the ten lamest kids form high school, multiply by 1000, and put them in colonial williamsburg. At william and mary, if given the option between keg party and wine bar, they choose quiet coffee house with a classic book, some flavored coffee, and an edgy pair of reading glasses, claiming they could be wild but why not be unique and tastefully unpredictable. And should you happen to stumble in drunk looking for a pee stop with your hookup, they glare at you or cry rape because they're so smart they know whats about to happen.
by fkegeflf September 25, 2005

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