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4 definitions by fjeldy

pronounced hi-ma-time: a rapid series of event that include sexual inuendos, football, and nachos.
Man, yesterday I was boning this hooker and watching Monday Night Football. Then i reached over and grabbed some nachoes. What a wonderful heimatime.
by fjeldy September 20, 2006
15 4
1. dirty skank that loves penis in the rusty bullethole (asshole)
1.Did you see that fine ass bitch just walk by?


1.i hope she's an ass koopa, because that hoe was a dime wit a slim waste cute face and a big behind

2.that was warne's mom

by fjeldy October 17, 2006
12 6
when a girl masturbates with a wooden object, (dildo, meterstick etc.) and she gets slivers in her pussy
Last night Gaynel was pleasuring herself with one of Professor Engel's metersticks and she showed me her slivys.
by fjeldy October 27, 2006
2 1
a futenis (penis futon)- a futon that is perdendicular to your bed, and is for your enormously large penis. At the end of the futon is a pillenis (penis pillow) for the head of the penis, but a pillenis is totally optional.
A.T. needs a futenis for his unit.
Allbee has a futenis in his room... wow
by fjeldy November 07, 2006
3 5