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5 definitions by fj

Beating off into a bag. Preferably an Albertson's, Rite Aid or Walgreens.
Sometimes you can't find a towel, and beatbagging is your only anternative
by fj January 03, 2002
Receiving sexual stimulation by placing a garden hose in your ass and turning on the water. Be careful, full blast water can cause internal damage
by fj July 31, 2003
to smack people(s) with a potato
bob Mc Grubered lenny, because lenny is a douche
by FJ November 17, 2004
This is somebody whop feels it necessary to take the back door. A bush dodger a gay a fence fole or gos!
"That batty boy is such a cockpipe cosmonaught!"
by FJ April 20, 2005
the sound one makes when surprised while drinking a
large cup of coffee- and as a result, having the
coffee go up one's nose.
by FJ September 16, 2003