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What happens when you are making out with someone in a closet with a party going on in the room attached. Someone says something funny, so you and your partner both start lauging while making out, and pressure builds in your mouths resulting a large fart like sound being made from your mouths. Very embarrasing. Also kills the mood. Can also be referref to as a mart
guy 1: hey man where did you go last night i couldnt find you at the party!
guy 2:sorry dude i was making out with this really hot chick and things got really heated ;)
guy 1: yeahh bro! was she good?
guy 2: uh huh. until you decided to try to rap toSteady Mobbin' and we started laughing and we had a makeout fart. way tocock block, man.
by fiyerrburninnn May 01, 2010
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