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To wear glasses that you don't need, or different clothes than you normally do in order to obscure your true identity. So called for Superman's alter ego Clark Kent, who by the simple act of wearing glasses and a tie was somehow able to avoid people realizing they were the same person.
"Take a look at John, he's totally Clark Kenting it to impress that Jessica chick from his econ class."

"What do you mean?"

"He doesn't need glasses, that dude has 20/20 vision. He's just trying to look intelligent so she'll like him."
by fist taco February 24, 2010
a female who is aggressively slutty, or simply locks onto and destroys the life of some hapless male, who was unable to defend himself against her onslaught.
"Man, Dave was just devastated by that whorepedo of a girl he's been dating."

"Yeah, she tore him to pieces."
by fist taco August 30, 2009
a guy who periodically sleeps with fat chicks. Like the fat joke about "riding the wave all the way in".
Aw man, Dave is such a cellulite surfer. What is up with that?

I know dude, every chick he bangs looks like somebody from Biggest Loser.
by fist taco October 03, 2010

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