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A word you use to call somebody or something by this name usally insaulting
Damn! that Chocolateflavoredhufflepuff just got owned by my fist of ubarness

You are a rusty spoon licking chocolateflavoredhufflepuff
by Fishtales November 24, 2006
1 A game
2 some great ruler
3... if people don't know what it is. Use it as an insalt
Fred: Your an Archlord!!!
Tim: No im not!!!!! whats an Archlord?
by fishtales September 07, 2007
A revalutionary Shovel used by the penguins in madagascar.
can be used in some games using these stats

Attack 3
Durability 5
Ahhh my plastic spoon broke now I cant dig
by Fishtales December 12, 2006
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