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1.one who kills cereals

2.another name for Montana
1. Oh no! My Cocoa Pebbles are dead! Must've been a cereal killer!

2.Where do you live young man?
Why I live in Billings, cereal killer.
by fishrocker April 07, 2009
1.a fish that rocks

2.a username for various forums across the interwebs

1. That shark is a fishrocker!

2. Have you seen fishrocker's posts recently?

3. I'd like some fishrocker on my taco!
by fishrocker April 06, 2009
1.meaning any descriptive word

2.describing someone ugly, wierd, or annoying
1. That uggy rock is sooo uggy, like the goose!

2.Dan is the uggiest person ever.
by fishrocker April 07, 2009

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