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Childrens novel? Replace the word wand with whatever you want and whoolaa' it becomes a porno!

Classic! and fun for all the family!
"A white jet of light emitted from Harry's wand"

Only in a Harry Potter Porno!

by fishpish June 05, 2007
When you meet a friend in the street and you're both in a hurry to go places...

A quick hello or alrite as you pass each other... or frantic conversation..
All right, how are you?

Not bad, not bad!

Must go see you around i'm sure!

-end of conversation

now thats a hi-by
by fishpish September 06, 2007
A tragically ugly guy.

A male munter
Whit a chump! I don't see how that boy can get those burds. He must be gay..
by fishpish June 23, 2007

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