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Used by drivers to describe silly pedestrians who like to step out into traffic!
THUD!! there goes another plebestrian bouncing off my bonnet!
by Fishman November 19, 2004
When someone (usually of chinese extraction) stands / squats on the toilet seat itself when they are taking a shit.
"Someone broke the toilet seat, they must have been doing a kanga"
by Fishman October 26, 2004
term used to describe a person named Phil who resembles or is of equal weight of a hippopotamus
that plebestrian wrote my car off, he was a right philapotamus
by Fishman January 18, 2005
Exclamation of victory or triumphilism!
as used by and the fish!
I just boffed your bitch!! UTXAI!
by Fishman November 19, 2004
Form of the word triumphant!
JB gave a cry of triumphilism: UTXAI!!!
by Fishman November 19, 2004
Its a Little Rock And Roll Hamster that lives in JB's room. complete with annoyingly loud metal bars and red and black house stuff!
Look there's Fluffmo.......
by Fishman November 26, 2004
This is the first ever definition of the denver bronco because i created it- it is a combination of the Roman Helmet and the bronsky; you put your balls on her face and your dick in her mouth and then you put your face in her pussy, shake your head back and forth and go BRDBRDBRDBRDBRDBRDRBDRDR!!!
Mickey gave Danny a Denver Bronco
by Fishman January 19, 2004

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