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a group of stay-at-home moms who get together (usually at a park or one of their homes)so that their misbehaving brats can throw sand while they gossip.
"I can't do the laundry or cook dinner today, I have to take Timmy to Nancy's house for playgroup."
by fishgirl July 13, 2006
A mom who has given up any chance at a career of her own to take care of and raise her kids.
My mom was a stay-at-home mom and raised 5 kids while my dad worked incredibly long hours to support the family. She's a lot less boring (and a LOT less naive)since we all left home and she started working...
by fishgirl July 13, 2006
A disgruntled housewife. Often knows how to cook and clean and does those things well. Usually takes her kids to a playgroup, and is NOT a soccer mom(soccer moms are hot). Definitely runs the house and wears the pants in the family... but isn't really ever happy.
Jennifer's mom is a house frau.
by fishgirl July 13, 2006

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