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Emo is basically the bastard child of the Nu wave movement from the 80's, but worse. Emo kids tend to be depressed and annoying (not always mind you, there are all way exceptions). Most are cowards and will not fight their own fights but rather gather as many of their freinds as possiable to jump one person. They wear tight sweaters, girls jeans and converses. Recently they have taken to wearing bandana around their necks and faces. Oddly enough the Emo girls tend to look more like boys and the boys like girls.

Dude, those emo kids dress like fags.
by fire rayn June 28, 2007
shitty weed. Usually what happens when amatures grow out of their closets.
"this ain't mids., its fucking swag"
by fire rayn June 28, 2007
A band signed to Subnoise Records. They are a mix of Raggae,punk and rap. In my opinion not some of the better talent.
Dude, lets go the OPM show.
by fire rayn June 28, 2007

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