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10 definitions by fire tears

1.) Slang for blowjob, or oral sex performed by females.
2.) A way of someone receiving pain for stupid thoughts or ideas by giving them a hard slap on the back of their neck.
3.) The area between your head and your shoulders.
1.) Man, that ho gave me neck the other day!
2.) We should what?!?! Boy! That's neck!
3.) He has a giraffe neck!
by Fire Tears February 19, 2005
1129 500
A figurative beverage that one may mention during a time of someone's jealous actions.
Damm! Why you sippin' on that haterade dawg!
by Fire Tears February 10, 2005
135 83
A slightly better way of saying bitch without getting hit.
Man... Shut up bidnite!
by Fire Tears February 10, 2005
17 7
To get hit anywhere in the face.
Guess what Teety? Doo got snuck by Charles the other day!
by Fire Tears February 10, 2005
30 32
1) Slang for blowjob. Gave head.
I'm tired of hittin' these hoes. I'ma just let em' pluck me!
by Fire Tears February 10, 2005
22 25
Slang for oral sex, or going down. Used for both males and females.
Skully me down ho!
You know what you can do... Skullay!
by Fire Tears February 09, 2005
17 31
Somtimes prnounced as gunning, meaning someone running during the face of danger.
"Picture. Pooh cursed Charlie ho ass out and that nigga started gunnin'!"
by Fire Tears February 10, 2005
14 34