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A bad ass movie about Mozart. It won 8 Academy Awards including best picture.
My class watched Amadeus in music class.
by Fiona Slennz March 27, 2005
Like myspace.com in many ways, except gothic.
Talk to Hungar of vampirefreaks.com his name there is gwar_junkie
by Fiona Slennz April 02, 2005
Tsukiyomi is a Shinto deity, brother or Amaterasu and Susanowo. He ruled over the moon & night in the Shinto religion. He appears only in two myths, one where he is born opposite his sister, Amaterasu, and with his brother Susanowo, and one where he kills a food goddess.
Tsukiyomi is a very underrated god.
by Fiona Slennz March 24, 2005
Possibly the best thig on planet earth. They are usually food but occasionally can be other items. Also they are the only good free thing.
Dude, let's get some of those free samples from over there!
by Fiona Slennz March 31, 2005
The scumdog that is always hungry hence his name Hungar
Fairy: Hungar you SOB go back to the fucking 80's!
Hungar: Fuck you, you fucking fairy flame job
by Fiona Slennz March 27, 2005
An annoying Jewish anime fan, one who probably has only watched Adult Swim and tries to use the 3 words of Japanese they know in every possible sentance.
With his Jewfro and Naruto shirt from Hot Topic that guy is a total jewbaka
by Fiona Slennz December 12, 2005
Best fucking chick EVAR. Increidbly horny, and knows what kancho means. What could be better.
Fairy is friends with Kinky Carrie
by Fiona Slennz March 27, 2005
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