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Finksburg is a small town located in Carroll County, Maryland / a Baltimore suburb. Known for its extremely low crime rate and great area public schools, with a population of approx. 11,000 people

Historically an agricultural area, Carroll County and Finksburg in particular have experienced a housing boom from the mid/late 90's thru present, as surrounding larger communites in near-by Baltimore County, most notably Owings Mills, have experineced a large increase in their level of racial diversity, creating a movement to live "further out" to less diverse areas like Finksburg by a failry large number of people.

The area has no city water and sewer, meaning that all properties are suported by their own well and septic system. This has led to the residential housing in Finksburg to consist of all single family homes, with no townhomes, apartments or condos -- creating a highly deisrable and somewhat pricey / great place to raise a family.
by finksburgliving September 09, 2009

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