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a cat whose job it is to CATch rats.

often used when mousetraps would be inconvenient because you could step on then or if somebody lieks cats as a pet.
'Hey Jake, so why are we here on this sunny day at such an indoor pet shop?'
'Well Joseph, I'm here to get me a ratcat.'
'Ratcat? Sorry Jake, i'm unfamiliar with the phrase.'
'Then go look it up on urbandictionary, i don't have time to explain for I'm busy buying a ratcat.'
by fine_dine_decca August 01, 2009
when somebody blocks you, then unblocks you, and then blocks you, and so on very rapidly so that the right side of your screen fills up with 'Scabby is Online' 'Scabby is Offline' 'Scabby is Online' etc.

often used by attention-seeking losers who want to make it very apparent that you know that they don't want to talk to them. of course, they are such idiots that they don't realise that this undermines the entire basis and point of blocking somebody.
'Oh, Chwist on a Cwucifix, he's attention blocking me again'
'How can you tell'

'Scabby is Online'
'Scabby is Offline'
'Scabby is Online'
'Scabby is Offline'
'Scabby is Online'
'Scabby is Offline'

'Thats how.'
by fine_dine_decca August 12, 2009
when a goth is startled, shocked, enthused etc. by something or other
'Metallica exists'
by fine_dine_decca September 07, 2009
somebody who, for reasons of age or ultra-strict religious parents (baptist, anyone?), is unable to gain access to the vast quantities of alcohol necessary in these modern times to blur life enough that it seems vaguely tolerable.

they crave this alcohol so, that one who is over 16/18/21 or whatever, can get them to do anything in return for alcohol, and the promise of more alcohol to come.

anything within reason, of course.
Act 1, Sc. 1: Mercutio & Romeo chat in an alleyway. Juliet enters from stage right.

'hey can i have some alcohol?'
aside 'looks like i've got me a 'lil alcohol whore'...
'sure, i've got me an alcopop right here. just get down and gimme 20'
'sure, boss!'
'no, not pushups.'
by fine_dine_decca August 10, 2009
exam cramwich or just plain cramwich; it refers to the painful forced ingestion of dry and tasteless facts immediately prior to an exam.
one sunday evening on msn....

timothy (L) simone 4eva, XOXO:
omg, i totally nailed this uber-hot chick todayz, it was fully hektick,no kidzing!!!!

i'm bitter, but not bitter about it:
sorry, brb, exam cramwich

timothy (L) simone 4eva, XOXO:
god, i am so fucking sick of your stupid new abbreviations for every fucking situation

timothy (L) simone 4eva, XOXO:
wtf does 'cramwich' even mean?

i'm bitter, but not bitter about it:
it means im 'cramming' for the chem finals on tuesday, a-duh

timothy (L) simone 4eva, XOXO:
maybe if you spent less time making up stupid crap and more time studying you wouldn't have to cram 2 days b4 the exam

i'm bitter, but not bitter about it:
maybe your face?
by fine_dine_decca September 02, 2009
potplant; also known as the cannabis plant. the phrase 'potplant' derives from the fact that parts of the plant are used to make 'pot', and the plant refers to the fact it is a plant.
'Nanna, would you like me to water this --- what is it?'
'Next to the petunias? Its just an ordinary potplant, dear.'
by fine_dine_decca August 11, 2009
a nocturnal turtle; a turtle that is awake at the night time and asleep at the daytime. also known as a party turtle or wartortle.
James, the biggest douche in the universe, wished he was dead, or at least a nocturtle because let's face it he was pretty shit as a human being.

Unfortunately, he was no great shakes as a nocturtle either. May he rot in pieces.
by fine_dine_decca February 01, 2010

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