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The physical and emotional sensation many liberals experience at the very mention of President Obama's name.
The finest example of an Obamagasm was during the 2008 presidential campaign, when Chris Matthews said he "Felt this thrill running up my leg" shortly after then-candidate Obama had spoken at a campaign rally.
by fine tea June 22, 2009
Lamestream media
Bernie Goldberg calls the MSM "the lamestream media," so, for the sake of concision, I call them the LSM.
by fine tea February 09, 2010
A substitute for "motherf**king" for those of us who object to fould language
I misplaced my motherforsaken checkbook.
by fine tea October 14, 2009
A man who limits his interest in women to those with large breasts.
You would think Rick was a chest chaser given how buxom all of his girlfriends have been, but they have usually evinced an interest in him first.
by fine tea April 18, 2009
the extent to which a person or persons are dunces.
Her population duncity reduces Mt. McKinley to the status of McKinley Molehill.
by fine tea June 16, 2009
surgically enhanced breasts
Hollywood is notorious for its glut of starlets with plastic milkbags.
by fine tea February 07, 2009
the slaughter of homosexuals by government.
As demonstrated in the book, The Pink Swastika, there not only was no Homocaust in Germany; to the contrary, the Nazi government was very friendly to homosexuals.
by fine tea February 15, 2009

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