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The effect Kristen Stewart has on a heterosexual fan-girl; whereupon, they would only go gay for her.
I just saw Kristen Stewart's legs in Elle magazine and now I'm a proud Krisbian.

OMG, I just saw Kristen Stewart in The Runaways and now I'm turning Krisbian? We like boys. We like boys.
by filmgirl May 18, 2010
To have not slept.
I am unslept because I was editing my film all night.
by Filmgirl May 10, 2013
The usually vocal and nearly uncontainable sensation of squee or delight at the sight of Robert Pattinson. Sociologically speaking, his proximity to Kristen Stewart seems to compound the effect.
I just saw a pic of Robert Pattinson leaving LAX and could barely contain my Pattispazms.

The crowd erupted in Pattispazms so I couldn't hear Robert Pattinson's red carpet interview.
by filmgirl May 18, 2010

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