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Annoying little fuckers who tend to ruin every college football and hockey game we go to. Their "music" just pisses everyone off, and regardless of the fact that we have a 3 million dollar sound system installed we still have to suffer through these sons of bitches.
Characterized by really gay costumes, marching in some retarded shape on the field, playing outdated and unpopular instruments very poorly, and taking up roughly 200 seats at any given game.
Popular in the 20's when there were no other options at said games, now pep band is a complete waste of space/money.
I assure you, the fans get much more excited to hear a good song over the sound system, rather than hearing the school song played for the 500th time in the last 20 minutes.
"Wow the pep band is playing the same 3 songs again, AWESOME!"
"Oh fuck they are ruining iron man and smoke on the water, lets kick some ass"
by fightingsiouxfan November 16, 2006

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