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No doubt one of the best fighting games ever made, the most technical and difficult to master fighting game. Mastering a a few characters in VF is harder than mastering the whole roster of characters in games such as Tekken although Tekken is also an excellent fighting game. HOWEVER Virtua Fighter fanboys really piss me off saying all other 3d fighters are a clone, Tekken for example has a completely different fighting system (e.g VF has 3 buttons, Tekken has 4) yet people say it's a clone of VF because of similar characters/moves. Both have copied off each other in terms of that. A WORLD WITHOUT FANBOYS IS A WORLD WITHOUT CANCER!
Virtua Fighter Fanboy: "OMG! I PWN AT VF AND TEKKEN IS FOR NOOBS!"
*sees a Tekken arcade machine for the first time*
Virtua Fighter Fanboy: "WTF! WHY ARE THERE FOUR BUTTONS?!"
by fighting_gamerer May 14, 2007
More specifically Tekken 5: DR is One of THE greatest fighting games ever! Not as technical and complex as Virtua Fighter so a broader audience can pick it up easily, however the difference between 'noob' and 'pro' players are crystal clear. Also a well balanced roster of characters even though there are tiers theoretically any character can beat any other character. The gameplay is awesome and the animation feels alot more fluid than alot of other fighting games. Character designs are wicked and the english voice actors don't sound too bad at all. The fighting system is integrated wonderfully with all the technical sides of a fighting game, (whiff punishing, spacing, etc.) Also the fact that it reaches such a broad audience means you get to play lots of noobies at the arcades :D
Tekken Player: "Did you see that?! I just did a 8 hit air combo!"
Observer: "That's not realistic..."
Tekken Player: "STFU!"
by fighting_gamerer May 14, 2007
Not the most polished fighting game but never the less a good fighting game. The fighting system is generally good except for the fact you can counter any attack at any time. However the average DoA player is a complete noob as I have easily beaten all my friends who own DoA although I only ever play it at their houses. This shows that people are lying about buying it for "gameplay". Proof of this are the other definitions here on this site.
DoA Player: "Hey DoA 4 has great gameplay! btw when does Dead or Alive Xtreme Volleyball 2 come out?"
by fighting_gamerer May 14, 2007

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