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n.- a word used by mike and kev to describe the wooden bar on the most high region of the wooden miniramp on witherspoon drive. "top" of the ramp".

(a slang term used in the definition can be found here, at defcon)
"Mike, are you gonna' go for toopie?"
by fifthelement December 12, 2003
n. - A term used by the inhabitants of Flemington (see f-town) and readington, in reference to the state of utter seclusion of the town often known as Delaware.

History - Delaware is so far from everything that no one knows/cares about it. It was inevitably named D-ware after the ghetto white kids from flemington began to call flemington "f-town", and the delaware kids felt obliged to call their home a slang ghetto term. We like to make fun of that.
Ekim - "Dude, where is that kid from?"
Nivek - "I don't know."
Aral - "I know him, he's my next-door neighbor...he lives like 3 miles away."
Ekim - "And where, may I ask, is that?"
Aral - "Dela-where?"
by fifthelement December 10, 2003
the definition of the word is not actually known. the tendency of the word to be used is very frequent, however, and usually is used to break awkward silences.
Someone says something stupid...

Carrie - "Yeah Amy, turn on the air conditioner, it will defrost the windows."

(There is an awkward silence, because the last statement was incredibly brainless. Then...)

Mike - "Uhh, derp."
by fifthelement December 10, 2003

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