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also known as number two

means taking a shit or scat, droppin' bombs (not in the George W. Bush sense of the word).

note: See the first Austin Powers movie for a funny joke about #2. When Austin is fighting an agent on the toilet, he says "Who does #2 work for?" The character (played by Tom Arnold), in the next stall, says (paraphrase) "Way to go! You tell em' who's the boss"

cf. #1 or number one
Joe: I gotta go to the can
Jill: #1?
Joe: Nah, #2 baby!
Jill: Sweet! do ya wanna make some scat?
by fifteen minutes September 08, 2004
also known as number one

means to take a pee.

cf. #2 or number two
Joe: I gotta go over to those bushes.
Jill: why?
Joe: I gotta #1
by fifteen minutes September 08, 2004
a locution meant to express an indifferent attitude or ambivalence. A phrase often adopted by "fence-sitters" or people who are otherwise hesitant to take a position on some matter.

Note: Can also be spelled "eeaahh" or "eeeaaahhh" (the extra letters indicating greater indifference). In extreme cases of indifference, one can add a "bl" in front of "eah", forming the phrase "bleah" (although this phrase is less common).

Note 2: the pitch in which this phrase is uttered can also indicate a greater or lesser degree of ambivalance (higher pitch indicating more ambivalence; lower pitch indicating less ambivalence)
J says: "Which tuxedo do you want to rent for the formal?"
M says: "Eeeeaaaahhhh..."
J says: "C'mon you droopy-faced fence-sitter, you need to pick a bastedo!"

R says: "How ya doin' Marty?"
M replies: "Eah ... pretty good... pretty good."
R says: "You're lookin a bit akimo to me."
M replies: "Bleeaahh..."
R say: "Don't worry, I got a touch of the akimo myself."
by fifteen minutes September 08, 2004
Urban phrase for a person (usually not a child or a senior citizen) who inadvertently poos their pants on a regular basis.

Not to be confused with farty marty
Yo. I think that Matt Margolis has a pooing problem. Man. Look at that big brown stain on his bastedo pants. It's startin' to drip on the floor. That ain't w00t at all.

One day, Farty Marty let one rip hard and a few months later he had a pooing problem.
by fifteen minutes September 10, 2004
(1) a woman who is so slutty that she is a semi-prostitute, hence, semi-pro. Not to be confused with semi-rape.

(2) someone who excels in some field (e.g., pool) but falls short of "professional" status.

(3) a male who "dusts the tip" of his male-friend to encourage him, if you know what I mean.

(4) refers to a feminine tone of voice that men sometimes use when talking to girlfriends on the phone or when they feel nervous.
The drac got all semi-pro on his buddy.

Yo. That's bitch is a semi-ho. Let's semi-rape her.
by fifteen minutes September 07, 2004
Most often used to refer to a guy named "Marty" or "Martin" who has a flatulence problem.
At the wedding party, Farty Marty stained his bastedo pants after one of his farts "went too far" & came out a bit runny.
by fifteen minutes September 10, 2004
1. A phrase that oreo blacks, such as Will Smith, say to convince others that they are a real African American or "jig"

2. A slang term used to refer to dicklit oral sex
1. As his black friends walked in the room, Al Roker quickly changed the channel from "Friends" to "Soul Train" and said "Yo Boyz, it's time to get jiggy wit' it!"

2. After eating a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken, Matt Margolis was ready to "get jiggy wit' it" with his trannie buddy.
by fifteen minutes September 10, 2004
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