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The masses that live in Farnworth, a place where loosers go to die, like an elephants graveyard.
Some families in Farnworth think they are the mafia, when really they are more like the Waltons....soft, eco-friendly (cos they never wash) and hillbillies.
Most of these families own pubs, and are BIG time hayseeds.
Farnworthians are the lowest of the low, and would sell their own grannies, for the price of a pint. (or a half pint) depending on how desperate they are for a bevvy!!
Farnworthians use phrases like..."shall we try one" "lets have a latch lifter" and "are we having a couple" when they are desperado's for a alcoholic drink.
Drink/cigs/drugs all come before kids in this hell-hole of a town.
Even the pitt-bull terriers go round in two"s for health and safety reasons.
by fiesty August 09, 2007
Sickbean means that something is really good.
Sickbean is an expression of praise for something you really admire or like.
Saying to someone.."your trainers are sickbean" means you admire the persons footwear and you would like a pair yourself.
by fiesty August 11, 2007
Farnworth is a backward little ex-mill town, near Bolton.
It's residents think they are all mafioso type families, when really, they are village idiot loosers.
Farnworth has the skankiest women in the u.k.
Any Farnworth women, whose tatto's are spelt correctly, is a bit of class.
Farnworth people have a dumb backward accent, like,...Ey up chuck, are thee aw-reet.
They are so retarded, they make the hill-billies on duelling banjo's look like college proffessors.
Farnworth is a cess-pit, big time.
by fiesty August 07, 2007
A derivation of the word Farnworth, a little cess-pit town in between Salford and Bolton.
Farny is to dignity, class and refinement, as Julian Clary is to cage fighting.
People famous from farny are, Alan Ball, Frank Finlay, and Hilda Baker.
Farny women wear mini skirts, white stilletoes and boob tubes, well into their sixties, a case of mutton dressed as mutton.
The men are all gangster wannabee's who are pisshead loosers, who beat women as a hobby.
Farny men are soft arse, scruffy, big toothed, bald headed,drunken shithouses, who feign disability, for beer money.
They all drive without tax and insurance, and have o.a.p.'s bungalows in their early forties, because they have drink related health problems.
Farny park, Farny precinct, Farny jobcentre, everything in Farnworth, is "farny" to the locals.
As in..."ey up chuck, when we"ve been "t" jobcenntre fot get ower dole munny, shall we tek sum cider int farny park".
As you can tell, farny locals have a hillybilly accent, indigenous only to them.
Farnworth is the bowels of hell.
by fiesty August 09, 2007
Farnworth, is a small town in between Salford and Bolton, nestling in the smog filled shithole, that is Greater Manchester.
You must have teeth like wheelie bins to live in Farnworth (one in every yard), and they must be large and goofy, like green/yellow tombstones.
Manky teeth are a must for Farnworth, locals.
The men must think they are ex mafia, and have bald heads and bulging eyes (coupled with the large gnashers...remember)and act hard, when really they are only happiest hitting women!
The women have tatoo's that are homemade, 80's perms, and wear boob tubes to browse the charity shops.
The kids are fereal, and snotty, and are named after american rap stars...i.e. snoop doggy ollerenshaw. kanye birtwhistle.
Class has upped and left in Farnworth.
Farnworth people who class themselves as posh, actually get out of the bath to take a piss, and have fruit in the house when nobody is ill........proper class acts.

Farnworth mafioso families always own pubs, and think they run Farnworth.
Their wives and girlfriends, and kids for that matter, all did runners years ago, to escape the decaying stench of boredom and looserism.
Farnworth is hell on earth.
by fiesty August 11, 2007

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