2 definitions by fiestarose

an attractive 22 year old male who currently resides in london, england and is part of the youtube community. he uploads youtube videos which usually revolve around his awkward experiences in life which he re enacts and uploads to his youtube channel, danisnotonfire. he lives with his best friend, phil who also has a youtube channel called AmazingPhil. his close friendship with phil has caused people to romantically "ship" the two. his fanbase have labeled themselves as the "phandom" whom most are hell bent on proving dan and phil are both gay despite dan's denial and repeatedly saying he's straight, not to mention the famous "fyi i like vagina" which most of the phandom use as an inside joke.
by fiestarose November 06, 2013
a 17 year old california-residing youtuber who currently makes youtube videos on her youtube channel, GETTOxFABxFOREVER and is in a relationship with Kian Lawley, who is also a youtuber. she joined youtube in early 2009.
by fiestarose November 06, 2013

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