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1. The Crust on your eyes when you wake up at 2.
2. That fucking annoying furry lid on the toilet seat that falls in the middle of a piss.
3. A case of morning wood when you have company in your room.
1. Fafinaf can not be used in a setence. It is just there.
by fierce March 17, 2004
The last level of Xenosage episode 1:Der Wille zur Macht. Summoned by Rubedo to kick your ass
@Kad3: im stuck
@Kad3: in the song
+Fierce: er yeah...
+Fierce: stuck in a song..
+Fierce: yeah...
@Kad3: no
@Kad3: THE song
@Kad3: its a place
+Fierce: .....................
@Kad3: The song of Nephiliasfmasf!
@Kad3: =/
+Fierce: OF WHAT???
@Kad3: NEPHILHIEM or something
+Fierce: Nephiliasfmasf.... im gonna go look that up
by Fierce January 02, 2005
A person who owns everything and anything
cc-Cochese was railed by Smurf.
xTdMyzE was railed by Smurf.
xTlaz0r was railed by Smurf.
by Fierce June 07, 2003

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