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The worst kind of friendzone. If she famzones you, she doesn't even want to be friends you. You are "fam." Nothing more than an acquaintance.

The only known way to escape the famzone is by drinking a magical potion. Some humans call this concoction bleach. Be warned. Magic is scary.
1. "Hey, girl, you want to go to Starbucks with me after school?"
"But ur fam"

2. "Man, she called me fam. How deep am I into the friendzone?"
"Dude, you're WAY past the friendzone now..."

3. "Bro, I love you, but you're..."
"Is this a Famzone...?"
by fgopl aka 13wood September 08, 2014
a really short person who decides to snoop around every one's business.

a midget who believes they are on top of the world.
many slutty modern schoolgirls.
if they are short, call her a git crack, and see what happens.
see slut
by fgopl aka 13wood September 13, 2011

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