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a really really, ridiculously fabulous person.
look at those shoes! a briony would wear those shoes.
by fghbjnkm March 04, 2007
has one of the highest chav percentage populations in the country, equally has a large emo community, aka 'the square lot'. rather grim. you cannot step foot there without getting chewing gum on your shoe.
-whoa, look, theres a brawl breaking out in cathedral square between the emos and the chavs, its hilarious! lets watch from the top floor of maccy d's.

-hey, i hope you're not planning on driving through peterborough. let's take a longer route to avoid it, otherwise some chavs could throw stones at the car.
by fghbjnkm March 04, 2007
public school poser girl who is usually an obnoxious alchoholic little twit, quite orange, deliberately has bad roots, hugely backcombed locks, parts her hair so far over to one side that her parting is by her ear. only ever wears:

1. jack wills tracksuit bottoms, usually with big holes in. the grottier the better; ralph lauren (or other designer) shirt, usually pristine; big fat leather belt, again quite grotty; a HUGE set of faux pearls or a lovely ornate necklace. like wearing that one neclace can make the rest of the grotty outfit look beautiful. ugg boots.
2. skinny jeans with a jack wills hoody and a BIG pashmina and BIG sunglasses (optional). really old pumps.
3. any combination of these. sloaneys also sport manky old cardigans, polo shirts, occasionally they wear a sequinned elastic headband across their forehead, which akes their forehead itch and look really sore, but hey, thats how they like it.
(conversation between two sloaneys)
A ooh, i have that exact JW hoody in brown!
B i have in brown too, no way! i also have it in navy, its such a shame they only have two designs in three colours each.
A actually, i have all of them then, now that you say that! oh my god!
B so anyway, do you want to go to the toilets, i think my hair is losing volume, i need to backcomb it some more.
A yeaaah, same, by the way, i LOVE your uggs. i mean, i have some in hazel, i've got the ivory pair and i have them in chocolate, but that is SUCH a nice shade of tan!
B i know, right, daddy got them imported for me, they were only £150 a pair, so i got four! how great is that?! listen, lets go to stammy this evening, i mean, we SO havent been there in like, three days.
A oh my god!! what a great idea! we can get totally wasted, that sounds fit.
by fghbjnkm March 04, 2007

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