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1-some thing that a little kid would say when another kid did something wrong

2-a ghosty :]

3- something you say in amazement o_o

4-possibly a strange sexual noise.....

5-something you say when you just learned something thats a tad abnormal...
1- oooOOOooo... billy goke the lampy!!!!!!!!!

2-ghosty- oooOOOooo!! people- o_o WHAHAHA!!!!!

3- oooOOOooo! lokit the pretty birdie!!

4- oooOOOooo!! YESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! auhh!!

5- oooOOOooo...so theres a kind of pink praying mantis???
by fffyooallz August 06, 2009
to be someone who HAS lost there virginity..to be de-flowered or someone who has indeed los their v-card.
i sat there with my best friend talking about random stuff, and the topic of "virginity" came up, we stared at each other, both knowing we were virgins, he pulled me closer, and everything got weird after that,an hour passed, and our conversation ended in us saying to each other
" thanks for stealing my v-card!!"
so our funny convo about being "virgin" created two awkward nonvirgins
by fffyooallz August 04, 2009
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