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Cut Your Flesh And Worship Satan

An acronym invented by French Black Metal band Antaeus,
It was the title of their debut LP, which still remains a cult classic in the scene.
No one has anything on Antaeus.
"I saw those pics of MkM, he went totally CYFAWS on his ass."
"Yeah dawg, that was nuts."
by FF45T1z August 04, 2005
Antaeus is a key french Black Metal band from around Paris,
They continue, despite lineup difficulties and the like, to be one of the most acclaimed and respected Black Metal bands ever.
Fronted by the awe inspiring vokalist MkM they continue to put terror in the hearts of all god fearing christians worldwide. Amen.
"Fuck man, I saw that live Video of Antaeus. I wouldn't go in that pit for shit!"
"Nah man, it's all about the self destruction man. Self Destruction, yeah."
by FF45T1Z April 05, 2005
Absu are an extremely influential North American Black Metal band, hailing from Texas. Their sound is characterised by extremely technical drumming, thrashy guitars and high pitched screaming occasionally breaking into bursts of ear splitting falsetto.
Their debut CD 'Barathrum: VITRIOL' established them as a band of extreme potential in the occult metal scene.
Their lastest release 'Tara' defined their sound having possibly the most brutal blastbeats ever seen in Metal.
Their drummer Proscriptor is a musical genius, with drumming skills to make people weep.
They sing about ancient mesopotamian and Sumerian as well as Ancient Celtic mythology and magic.
We are still awaiting their fifth release.
"Dude, did you hear that Absu song 'Pillars of Mercy'?"
"Yeah man, that guitar and drum solo in the first 30 seconds made me orgasm."
by FF45T1Z January 09, 2005
Hashbro.com is a site seemingly run by a group of friends with no real theme or idea for their site. So they pack it full of random crap and whore it to the maximum.
It contains a very poor collection of stupid pictures and videos that you have either seen before or wouldn't find funny anyway.
"Oh look, Hashbro.com has another picture of a ricemobile! OMGLOL!!111"
"Dude, it wasn't funny the first time."
by FF45T1Z January 09, 2005
2true is an internet forum for Australian Graffiti.
If you were thinking that 90% of graffiti artists were too stupid to correctly use a computer let alone the internet, you were correct.
2true is a total cesspool. Whenever people post pictures the forum tables are deformed since they are too unintelligent to acquire a program capable of resizing the pictures they get off their digital cameras ( or even work out the software for them. )
In saying this, Graffiti is great, and not all graffers are stupid. Just the majority.
90% of the topics on 2true are simply insult slinging and penis comparing. Common putdowns include ( but are not limited to ) toy, gronk and burke.
2true is worth avoiding.
"Yo, I heard you were startin' shit on 2true. You fuckin' gronk"
"Shutup lad, that's all 2true is!"
by ff45t1z September 18, 2005
A horribly recombinant band originating from Melbourne, Australia.
They are still somewhat riding the modern gravytrain of appearing retro in an attempt to be cool.
They slavishly copy the image/riffs/effects of bands from the sixties and seventies.
Jet have been caught out stealing riffs from: The Who, Iggy Pop, ACDC. Among others.
Despite stealing riffs off good bands in ever song they still somehow manage to ruin it in the end.
They can turn a song by 'The Who' into a pile of utter shit.
But I am being too harsh on them, they have one good use:
They are so crap they make bands like The Vines and The Darkness look kinda cool.
"Damn man, Jet is on one channel and Scat Porn is on the other."
"Please, turn the scat porn back on. I can't take Jet anymore."
by FF45T1Z January 12, 2005

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