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A 'Shannon Schaefer' is typically described as a social reject.
A 'Shannon Schaefer' typically owns 123456776432 to many cats.

Most 'Shannon Schaefer's' are full blown ferp's , even though they do not appreciate the wolf man.

They do not like dirty sand boxes and rather their stuff neat and tidy.


Most 'Shannon Schaefer's' have a best friend that could never be replaced named Lauren to.

Shannon Schaefer's also tend to have frizzy brown hair and freckles. Leg stubble does not satify them either... SHAVE WOMEN SHAVE

Wait why is a Schaefer staring at your leg?

"She must well be named Shannon Schaefer and live in a closet with her best friend and their cats."
by ferpsunited July 02, 2012

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