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to masturbate aggressively without stopping until you are finished.
where is tom?
i think he's whacking it in the bathroom.
by Fergieferg July 12, 2009
one who has excess fat or skin above the vaginal
also can be compared with a "Gunt"
"oh baby, let me rub up on that fatty fupa"
"you cant have this sandwich you fatty fupa"
by fergieferg August 19, 2009
one who enjoys the feeling of tickling one's anus after a poop with toilet paper.
little andy enjoys searching the internet for "Tickle Hole" fetish pictures and videos.
by fergieferg July 12, 2009
the combination of your penis and testicles in one word;
a doughnut a voodoo doughnuts, portland, or. consisting of two cream filled doughnuts and a large cream filled twisted doughnut with chocolate icing;
used in Adam Sandlers comedy skit "cock n' balls"
while you wait timmy why dont you slap around your

cock n' balls for mama?
by fergieferg July 12, 2009

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