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My grade 10 math teacher gave us this exquasion in class, very funny, but it all makes sense:

Girls Need Time and Money- Girls = Money x Time
Some people say time IS money- Girls = Money x Money

so right now Girls = Money2 (squared)

People say money is the ROOT of all EVIL

if you sqaure root a number squared it cancels everything out so you just have the word evil.
my amth echer gave the class an equasion defining "Girls = Evil
by fenderbass7 September 23, 2009
During foreplay between the male and female teenagers "rubbing movements" occur over the penal and vaginal area outside the pants and clothes.

A Meat Blender occurs when the male is wearing jeans and the zipper finds a way to make skin contact onto his penis therefore, "blending his meat".
"dude me and my girl friend were gonna have sex after we were out of the movies, but while we were doing some foreplay she cut my dick up on my zipper"

-Yeah I know, she told me that so I filled in for you,-

"You fucking Asshole!"
the meat blender is a move often preformed by unexperianced foreplayers.
by fenderbass7 October 29, 2009
The act of secretly masturbating with your left hand in your left pocket, pocket launcher being an obvious term.

It works the same for right handed people but it does not have the same effect.
kid 1: hey man! that substitute teacher was soo hot!

kid 2: i know, i fired off a left-hand pocket launcher while everyone was silent reading.
by fenderbass7 September 20, 2009
have a guy ejaculate into a container of some sort, then take buckleys cough medicine and pour it into another.

Then YOU decide if they look the same or not.
girl 1: oh man i have such a sore throat and im out of my persscription!

guy 1: don't worry, i'll fll your perscription for free with some of my buckleys medicine babe.
by fenderbass7 September 23, 2009

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