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the awful churn of your face (and stomach) when you walk into a bathroom stall of a crowded bathroom right after the stall user before you's lunch was from an undercooked chinese place...
-or the look on your face after realizing the Chinese food was undercooked, and now passing its way down your esophogus :)
"Dude, it was awful I went into the Walmart bathroom today and was lucky to finally get a stall, but I didn't realize how unlucky I was. Man I almost lost my lunch after smelling that women's stomach contents. you shoulda seen the "shit" face.
by female:mbrown December 20, 2008
Dude, I love Carmex its so cheap and blah blah blah....
yea ok do you ever stop using the fakemex its bad for you?
Hell no, man its really working I can feel it.

(10 yrs later)
Dude your lips are hella sick, stop kissin the toilet scruber
Naw man. That Carmex is totally working I can feel it. :)
by female:mbrown December 20, 2008
-a girl who is hated by many other girls for chillin with their dudes. Probably does nothing wrong, but pissed everyone else off so shes now a slut.
-a man(little boy depends...) who is with too many females(or dudes)
-a female who may actually be paid to sleep with ppl
- a girl with loose morals and questionable behavior, but is givin the benefit of the doubt that she probably did just mess around with him( or her)
-a virgin who will do everything but pop it
-a friendly gesture of greeting when tlaking to someone your particularly close to or (fakely close to)
-"Hey slut"
-"oh..hey ho"
-"OMG i caught Charlie chillin with Stacie 3 times this week, that slut better stay away from my man..." (followed by immature gibberish of which we all know comes next) :)
by female:mbrown December 20, 2008

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