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a cute, bouncy goth girl who believe she is a cat. Often slightly psychotic and believes she can climb up curtains. A combination of goth fashion and anime inspired cos-play dress sense.
that chick over there is a real gothykitten
by feline March 04, 2005
A youngling- usually still fourteen and at the pretentious stage, before they grow up and realise that you don't have to lie and agnst to impress the older ones. usually about 14, the size of a large teddy-bear, and still care about what others think, no matter how they deny it.
Many never grow out of it. They're funny, mainly because they're obviously bored and boring.
awwwwr... look at the cute ickle babygoth.
by feline March 09, 2005
an alternative term for 'fair enough'.
When me and my finace were stoned, we sat there and wondered where glitter came from. Don't worry, this is going somewhere. We decided that as 'fairies' (in their disney sense) were glittery, it was OBVIOUS that they came glitter. Therefore, glitter is made by factories of fairies, masturbating. They are forced to do so. When they come, they shriek 'glitter'. Now, as Fairy Muff sounds like Fair Enough, me and my fiance started to use it instead. The other one of us would say 'glitter' in a high pitched tone of voice in response.
'we need to pop into the post office later'
'fairy muff'
by feline March 04, 2005
International civil servant, achieving good work in Geneva even though he doesn't admit it: "I dunno how these people can be satisfied with my work". Has good sense of humour but his best jokes come from his friend and spiritual master Feline. Friendly, generous, this slim and little tortured man could be a real friend if you are from the South like him.
I would like to drink some rosé with lopez-armand in a hot spot of the french riviera and wath the girls walking by the café.
by Feline September 12, 2003
anyone (male or female) who is so hideous that before you even thought of losing your dignity to that extend you'd need three bags: one for their head, one for yours in case theirs came off, and one to be sick in after.
'what happened to you, you look dreadful'
'if you must know, I woke up next to a triple-bagger, ok'
by feline March 09, 2005
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