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An ass herd is a group of uneducated unemployed people that hang out in a semi public setting at strange hours of the day. similar to beggers but way too lazy to beg for any sort of money as they are still being supported and breast fed by their parents. An ass herd usually consists of several ratty looking people, usually malnourished and poorly goomed, a fat kid that thinks he is tough, and a couple other various shady characters. Typically an ass herd has an extremely small female population. Not to be confused with a sausage fest, in an ass herd the female population consists of some things that can be loosely refered to as women, typically looking as if they just crawled out of a cement mixer full of glass.

Not much is know about the migration patterns of an ass herd or their mating rituals. Typically due to social retardation ass herd members pass the female around in a secret santa like fashon.
Damn Joe, theres that damn ass herd again taking up the front row spots at the local wall mart.
by feetofmeat April 06, 2010

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